Protecting Your Rights

The first step in protecting your rights is learning what they are! Here are some recommended resources to help you take that important first step.

The Oregon Moms Union put together a fantastic Toolkit for Parents for Oregon parents & guardians to “…navigate the Oregon education system and make informed K-12 learning decisions”. It contains a lot of information, but you can just go to whichever section is relevant to you.

This is a must-have resource for all Oregon parents & guardians no matter what your views are on public education, curricula, priorities, etc. Download your free copy today!

Your Child’s Rights is an EXCELLENT guide for parents and guardians of all levels of awareness & readiness to take action. It covers things like:

  1. What “CRT” is and how it may show up in schools
  2. Your child’s rights & relevant laws
  3. Many real world scenarios you may face and ideas to handle them

This was created by the Southeastern Legal Foundation. We have no relationship with their organization, but we love what they put together here for all of us.

This short, 6 minute video will explain in very simple terms what this powerful law provides for you and your family. Learn more here

If you believe your rights or those of your child have been violated by a public school or any other stuff that receives federal funding, it is a lot easier than you think to submit your complaint online here.

There are videos & instructions to guide you through the process. Your experience may vary, but we found the process to take a while. However, once the parent/guardian is contacted they move quickly and are extremely supportive and helpful!