Save Oregon Schools’ Evolution

Save Oregon Schools began in 2020 as a group of parents and community members who felt Oregon public education was headed in the wrong direction. The group came together around similar issues and agreed to invest their time and efforts to educate others in the community about the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of happenings in schools and to drive positive change.

The emergence of larger, organized groups like Oregon Moms Union (OMU) presented an opportunity to reimagine our direction and purpose. This led to two key decisions: 1) for the parent/community group to join OMU and 2) the creation of Save Oregon Schools, LLC.

What is Save Oregon Schools, LLC?

This company was founded by Jeff Myers as an independent source of news with a primary focus on Oregon public education. Save Oregon Schools aims to conduct thorough research and provide unbiased, fact-based analyses of key topics and decisions by local, state, and federal offices & officials. We also aim to give voice to the voiceless by offering safe and secure methods for people to report tips & issues.

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