Opt-Out Forms

Oregon law is on your side when it comes to controlling your child’s educational experience, but schools don’t make it easy! So we’ve created a single form you can use with any public school in Oregon to opt your child out of subjects & services including:

  • Comprehensive Sex Education program or specific sections
  • Physical and mental health screenings
  • Student surveys and research studies
  • Controversial, radical, and discriminatory programs, subjects, lessons, and more!

Our goal is to arm you with the tools and information necessary so you can make the right decisions for your child and your family. That is why we created a single, comprehensive form that you can use to take back control of your child’s education.

This screenshot gives you a sample of how easy this form is for parents and guardians to review and decide what’s not appropriate for their child. Just check the box to opt out!

Parents & Guardians: We know many schools/districts will attempt to push back or demand you use their forms. We encourage you to stand firm and demand they respect the rules and laws of our state and country and your rights to decide what is appropriate for your child. If they have other forms they want you to use, you can suggest they staple them to the back of this form and let them sort out the paperwork.

Other Opt-Out Resources Available Today

Here are additional resources available today that you can use to opt out your children from some educational experiences:

  • Pacific Justice Institute: Public School Opt-Out Forms: PJI offers two forms for Oregon
    • Comprehensive: For opting out of certain areas entirely, including Sex Education, STD/STI Education, Immunizations, and Mental Health Screenings.
    • Simplified: Covers the same areas as the Comprehensive form, but is more granular (meaning you can opt out of all Sex Ed or specific lessons). It also includes some health screening opt out choices.
  • Review your school district’s policies or contact the district or school office for help
    • Schools don’t make this clear or easy on purpose
    • Policies to look up include: “IGAI – Human Sexuality Education”, “INB – Studying Controversial Issues”, and “KAB – Parental Rights”