Pause the Bond

BSD is NOT Listening to the Community

1. Don’t tear down Beaverton High School! That was the message from the local community a few years ago, which is why millions of dollars were already spent for seismic and other upgrades. But BSD now wants to tear this historic school down and only plans to engage the community AFTER the bond passes (per BSD’s bond meeting on April 18th 2022)

2. We want lower class sizes! BSD has surveyed and engaged with the community recently and over the past couple of years. We have consistently raised LOWER CLASS SIZES as a primary issue for investment. BSD’s average class sizes are roughly 20% higher than the average across Oregon. Yes, you read that right! It isn’t a funding problem as we’ve passed levies and bonds in the past.

BSD is NOT Being Honest About Spending Your Money

1. BSD is not dealing with funding problems – they have spending problems! BSD received over $76M in ESSER funds (Federal COVID-19 Relief). Only about 10% of that will go to necessary HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) upgrades. They did use these funds to hire 170 staff, of which only 20 were classroom teachers.

2. The school board recently received complaints about illegal contracting and procurement practices by BSD staff. These complaints were serious enough to engage a 3rd party investigator to conduct research, interview staff, and identify issues. Laws and policies were broken, but the district swept this under the rug.

3. In the last bond, they budgeted $109M for the new Mountainside High School – it ended up costing $184M! That is a massive difference! They continually underbudget projects and expect the community to keep making up the difference.

Now is NOT the Time for this Massive Bond

1. Student enrollment is down and projected to keep dropping. Yet BSD avoids making hard decisions and still plans to invest in increasing capacity at some schools while others are left with plenty of unused space.

2. Inflation is sky high and we’re just emerging from a nearly two year lockdown. BSD is looking for a huge handout and presenting the community with a big tax increase, just when we can least afford it.

3. With supply chain issues and labor shortages across many industries, now is a terrible time to start large construction projects. This bond was put together knowing many of these issues, but the situation has only gotten worse. We need to say NO FOR NOW and ask the district to sharpen their pencils, open their books, and engage the community next time.

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