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@PapaBearMyers Activists in top positions and they want to recruit kids and parents to be little activists as well. Look at this email I got from PPS. Don’t know if I’ve ever received an email from them about academics.

Yea! It’s that time again! @ORDeptEd is hosting the annual Educator Advancement Council retreat. Oct 6 & 7. Public comments allowed!

They’ll tackle critical topics like “collective identity, collective impact” (and pretty much only that, whatever is is).


@PapaBearMyers Geez Louise the buck passing is insane. Rent voucher were not approved expenditure. “She also said it's not the division's responsibility to track preschools that double up on grants from ELD and PPP loans” -who’s is it then?? @ORDOJ #orpol

Oregon House Bill 4030 was signed into law this year. It provided $79M in funds to school districts to aid in recruiting & retaining staff.

See your district's plans for this funding here: (click on "Approved Applications" in the Application section)


The constant claims of White supremacy and institutional & systemic racism are the cover.

The real issues are the cult ideology of anti-racism/Social Justice and institutional & systemic corruption.


NEW RESOURCE: I just launched a NEW INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD to allow everyone to quickly and easily review the Oregon Preschool Promise data & issues for themselves.

Access the dashboard, source data, and more here:

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