Businesses pay up to fund BSD bond measure campaign

It’s late April and the political campaign ads have nearly taken over every commercial break on TV. However, bond measures don’t typically follow the same approach to get your vote.

The Beaverton School District has a $723 Million bond on the May 17 2022 ballot. If this bond passes, it will pay to rebuild two schools, perform seismic upgrades, improve ventilation systems, update computers and other technology, and increase physical security (cameras). If this measure passes, it would certainly benefit companies in the area that happen to be in construction, technology, land use planning & law, and so on. So what could a company do to help generate future business?

How about contribute to Yes for Beaverton Schools?

That appears to be exactly what is happening here in 2022. We wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a “pay to play” scheme, but it does call into question the ethics and transparency of those involved. No where in the 12 favorable arguments that Yes for Beaverton Schools paid to put in the Voters’ Pamphlet does it mention that 91% of their contributions came from a handful of businesses that could financially benefit in a big way if the bond passes.

So how many other favorable arguments were to be found in the Voters’ Pamphlet? Zero! Again all 12 came from Yes for Beaverton Schools, thanks to contributions from the neighborhood construction, architecture, legal, and technology providers.

Save Oregon Schools group members proudly submitted two arguments in OPPOSITION to the bond, and these were paid out of our pockets. Save Oregon Schools is and has always been funded by the parents and community members who are trying to make a difference, not trying to make a dollar… Learn more at!